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cACARS free is a fully working no time limited version of our PHPVMS flight logging client. It features all the basic flight logging features of cACARS and can be used by your pilots to log their flights without any limitations.
It logs Stalls, Overspeeds, Slew Mode, Simrate changes, FS pauses, Landingrate, and many other stuff.

You can download the cACARS free client and module below. Please note that support for the free client is only offered via the forum. Support requests for the free client here at or any place other than will be ignored.

IMPORTANT!: Note that all Versions of cACARS need the latest version of FSUIPC and .NET Framework 4.5 to be installed. cACARS is not tested with X-Plane. It might or might not work…we do not guarantee that it will work on X-Plane. In any way it will NOT work on Apple OSX.

Current Client Version: v1.03
Current Module Version: v1.00c


Download the Client: cACARS_Free

Note: Pilots do NOT need to download the Module. The module needs to be uploaded to the VA website by the VA staff in order for pilots to be able to log their flights with cACARS free. Simply unzip the file and upload it to your phpVMS installation.

Download the Module: cACARS Module v100c