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CCFTracker Free



CCFTracker Free is the brand new flight logging client developed by CrazyCreatives. The free version of CCFTracker allows virtual airline pilots to log their flights and send pilot reports to their phpVMS based virtual airline.

The free client is NOT a demo version. It is fully functional and comes with all basic logging features. It can be used for free  for an unlimited amount of time.

In addition to the usual logging features like flighttime, phasedetails, parkingbreak, landingrate,…. it also logs Stall Warnings, Overspeed, Slew Mode, Simrate changes and much more.

The client comes in 3 languages (English, German and Korean) but you can easily create your own language file and supply it to your pilots .Instructions on how to create a language file can be found here. If you create a new language file and want to have it included in the next official release please send the file to If it passes our checks we will pack it in the installer for a future update.

A payware version (VA Edition) with many additional events logged, chat, metar receiver and more will be available soon. This version is meant to be purchased by virtual airlines (not the pilots themselfes). Besides the extra features it will also be customized to the airline’s colors, logo, icon and client name. The release of the payware version is expected in the coming weeks and will be announced seperately.

In the free version the charter flight and search by flightnumber functions are disabled. Those 2 features can be enabled in the free version of the client at a lower cost than the VA edition. This offer is targeted at VAs who want to use those 2 features of the VA Edition only. The features will be unlocked by a license file which your pilots must copy into the application directory. This offer will be available soon.


Your pilots must download the Client from this website. It is not allowed to redistribute the client on your own website without explicit written permission. People who suspect a license breach are encouraged to use our contact form and report their suspicion.


You want to use our free client but need some features of the VA Edition?

We offer some of the VA Edition features as seperate purchases which can be unlocked in the free version. The features will be unlocked by placing a license file into the applications main directory. The license file can be purchased here by the Virtual Airline and must be given to your pilots (either by email, download from your website or any other form). Each pilot will have to copy the license file into the application directory himself. That way you can control who can use the features (for example by giving the file only to pilots with a rank higher than captain).

The license file will be linked to your VA URL. That means that the features will only be unlocked when the pilots use the client to connect to YOUR VA.

Currently the following features are available to be unlocked in the free client version:

  • Create Charter Flights from within the client – 10€
  • Search Flight by Flightnumber – 5€
  • METAR Search – 5€

To order a unlock key please send a email to and state the features you want to unlock and the full VA URL to your phpvms root installation including http:// (for example I will then send you a payment request via paypal. Once the payment has been made you will get the license file via email. This can take up to 24h since your key is being generated manually.

The feature unlocking requires CCFTracker Free client version 1.2 and module version 2.4 or higher.


Installation Requirements

  • Your VA is running on phpVMS
  • Your VA has the CCFTracker Module installed on their site (see below)
  • You have the latest version of FSUIPC installed
  • You have .NET Framework 4.5.2 installed

The client has not been tested in X-Plane. It might or might not work with XPUIPC.


Download Client

Current Version: 1.2

Download CCFTracker Free v1.2

It is highly recommended to install the client outside of the Program Files(x86) folder. If however you install it into the default location you MUST run the client as admin.

For Support please use our Forum!

Download Module

Current Version: 2

Revision: 5

Note: Pilots do NOT need to download the module. The module needs to be uploaded to the VA website by the VA staff in order for pilots to be able to log their flights with CCFTracker. Simply unzip the file and upload it to your phpVMS installation.

Download CCFTracker Module v2.5


Client Changelog:

Version 1.2:

  • Fixed an issue where the decimal settings in your Windows Region settings could cause problems
  • Changed Forum Link
  • Background changed to stretch to app size (fixes too small app window when system font setting is set to more than 100%)
  • Final integration of VA Edition feature unlock options.
  • Added Korean Language file (Thanks to Junho Kim)
  • Some minor bug fixes

Version 1.1:

  • Severall minor bug fixes, stability and performance improvements
  • Prepared inclusion of VA Edition Features


Module Changelog:

Version 2 Revision 5:

  • fixed Pilot Verification Error during position reports and sending PIREPS when a PILOTID offset is in effect

Version 2 Revision 4:

  • adjustments to enable feature unlocking

Version 2 Revision 3:

  • added ranklevel check to the aircraft get function (missing in revision 2)

Version 2 Revision 2:

  • Fixed linebreak issue in PIREP log and comments.

Version 2 Revision 1:

  • Compatibility with Client Version 1.1

Version 1 Revision 1:

  • added ranklevel check to the aircraft get function