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hellenic airways
If you want to ensure your VA is going to be a success the first and probably most important step is to have a unique, appealing and easy to navigate website. Our full website service is the best solution to get a 100% customized website with lots of fancy features.

You are not just getting a complete new skin from scratch. You also get loads of non default features and modules. Thanks to the attention we pay on Details CrazyCreatives VAs belong to the most successfull VAs in the World.

We surely arent the cheapest when it comes to VA solution offers but that is for a good reason. Compared to most others our packages include countless features which you would miss when ordering somewhere else. We can proudly look back to a long list of satisfied customers and promise that you wont be disappointed with what you get from us.

Order now for 700€
If you know how to work with template files and a bit of php so that you can adjust the content of individual pages yourself but just need someone to create a site layout and all the styles for your site then this is for you.

Our basic skinning solutions will give you a custom site layout and a frontpage with all kind of different features like dropdown menus, image slideshows, live flights Board, custom news module,…

Any other pages except the frontpage need to be adjusted yourself if you want a custom look. They will however by default already fit into the new layout you get from us. So it is not a necessary requirement to adjust them if you want to keep them default. The skin will still work.

Order now for 200€
Looking for a new module that can not be found in our online store yet. Thats great! We always look out for new ideas to realize. When it comes to the creation of new modules/site features literaly the sky is the limit (and probably the money you want to invest in it ;))

You will have the option to either keep the module exclusive to your VA* or allow us to sell it in our Store at get the module to a cheaper price.
Anyway asking doesnt cost a cent so why dont you click the button below and tell us about your new module idea.

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If you are looking for great modules and skins to expand your VA or you cant afford a custom made project but still look for exciting new stuff that your pilots will love our Store is the right place for you.

Its definately a good idea to regulary check back to see whats new since we continuously add new skins and modules to our product range. All our products come with installation instructions and can be downloaded instantly after the purchase is completed. In less than 5 minutes from now you could have any of our products online on your website and offer your pilots something new to explore.

So why not give it a go and click the button below.

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Cant`t afford that much money?

Why not get one of our premium skins in the download store.

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VA Site Layout / Basic Skin
  • Individual Skin for each Customer
  • Website Layout
  • Frontpage
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Image Slideshow
  • Live Flights Board
  • Ask for “Basic Skinning Service” when contacting us
Custom Modules
from 70€**
  • Full custom modules written from scratch to meet your VAs needs
  • Matching the module’s look to your site layout
  • Flexible pricing option depending if the module is exclusive to your VA or we can sell it in our Store*

Not yet convinced?

Why don`t you take a look at our portfolia page to view some examples of our previous work.

Portfolio Page
*Regardless of which option is chosen I always keep the right to use the module on my own VA.
**Prices depend on the size of the individual project.
NOTE: We do not refund any digital products after the files have been delivered or a Download link has been given to you. When purchasing products in our Store this happens automatically when the checkout process is completed.
For custom ordered skins or modules this is the case when we either send you the files via email or install them directly on your Server.
When ordering a custom module, skin or full website from you understand and agree that if you at any later date decide to cancel the project you wont get a full refund if work on your project has already started. In this case we will charge 15€ per hour that we already spent working on your project.
If a project is cancelled by you will get a full refund.

    The support... I can only say it's awesome. You make a product and you help people out any way you can even if it means that you have to log in on their dashboard to sort out any problems that customer might have. Simply Outstanding!


    Great skins with equally amazing customer service to go with it. Very prompt responses and very knowledgable staff that truly cares about their customer. I stand 100% behind crazycreatives and will make sure to recommend it to my friends.


    You guys really offer the best modules for phpvms. Its always amazing to explore all the features that come with the modules. Our pilots love them!