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Presale Questions

How long does it take until I receive my files?
If you have purchased a module or skin from our online stor you will be provided with download links immediately after the purchase is completed. Additionally the download links can be found in your purchase receipt that you got via email.
How long are my download links valid?
To protect our files from illegal access all download links expire 48h after you purchase a product. It is a good idea to keep a copy of the files as Backup on your local drive. If however you need to redownload one of your purchased products just send us a Ticket via our support system and include your Order Id.
Can i use the files on several sites?
You can use the modules on up to 5 sites owned by yourself at any given time. This is checked by online activation
Can i get a refund on digital products?
No. As common with all digital products we do not refund any download products after you have received a Download link either via email or directly on the purchase confirmation base. Unlike physical products download products can not be returned and we would have no way to check if the files are being used. If you are unsure about the features of a product just contact us and ask prior to your purchase. If there are technical issues with a product our support will fix them for you. In case our support would not be able to get the product working on your site AND the issues are caused by our code we would then issue a full refund.
Cancellation of custom Orders
You can cancel a custom order at anytime. However do note that if work on your project has already started you will not get a full refund. Regardless of the reasons for or circumstances of your cancellation you will have to pay for the time we already spent working on your product. Therefore we refund the price minus 15€ per hour spent with your project. If a project is cancelled by Us for any unexpected reasons you will get a full refund.
By placing a order you automatically agree to these terms.

phpVMS General

What is phpVMS?
phpVMS is the most popular, free, virtual airline software, with support for various ACARS applications (kACARS, FSACARS, XAcars, FS Flight Keeper, and FSPassengers), AJAX-driven administration panel, complete with financial reports, schedule management and various other features designed for realistic operation of your virtual airline.
Where can i download phpVMS?
To download the latest official Version please follow this link.
Where do i find support for phpVMS related questions?
To get support for phpVMS visit the official Support Forum.

phpVMS Modules

What are phpVMS modules?
Modules for phpVMS are expansions of the default functionality of your virtual airlines website. Usually modules add additional pages to your wehsite with new features for your pilots and site visitors. Another type of modules would be files that expand functionality in the background and include functions that can be embeded to display information on existing templates. There are also modules with the sole purpose of establishing connections between your website and external applications.
How to install our modules?
All of our Modules have specific installation instructions included. In general it is pretty easy to install our modules. Following the included instructions you will have the module running on your site in less than 5 minutes.
Will I be able to still update phpVMS when using your modules?
Yes! All our modules are completely independent from phpVMS core files. Therefore you should not experience any  problems when updating to newer phpVMS versions.
After updating or reinstalling phpvms the Flight Position Tracker doesnt work anymore?
It is likely that you Simply forgot to adjust the Acarsdata.class.php file. Have a look at the installation instructions of the module.
My VA uses SmartCARSv2 and we are having some trouble with one of CrazyCreatives modules!
Please follow the instructions on this page:

phpVMS Skins

What are phpVMS skins?
Skins are the files that are responsible for your site layout and visual appearence of your virtual airline.
What stuff are included in the skins from our store?
The skins available in our store include the general site layout, styles and the frontpage of your website as seen on the screenshots. Additionally if required by the skin any graphical files and Photoshop PSD files required to alter those images are included in the package.
How to install the skins?
Simply upload the files via FTP as instructed in the install.txt file. Then go to your admin center -> Site & Settings -> General Settings and select your new skin from the dropdown box. Save the new settings and you are done.
The boxes go crazy on the Flight Details page?
This is actually an error of the default phpvms template file. To solve it open route_map.tpl found in the core/templates folder and add [source language=’html’][/source] at the very bottom of that file. Save it and overwrite the original file on your server. The Problem should now be gone.


If you couldnt find an answer to your question please open a support ticket if you are already a customer of our products or else use our contact form.