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CrazyCreatives Module Connector


The CrazyCreatives Module Connector is an extension for phpvms which only purpose is to check which other CrazyCreatives Modules you have installed into your phpVMS system and stores that information into your phpvms database. The module does NOT send any of the information back to my server. 

This enables me to add features to modules which can interact with other CrazyCreatives modules that are installed on your system like for example the new CC Notifications module which can read data from my other modules and send notifications like a new charter flight has been created, an event was created, a tour was completed by a pilot and so on…..


It works like this:

  • The module, once installed, in some intervals requests a list of my currently released modules from my site.
  • This list gets stored as a cache file in your core/cache folder.
  • It then checks your phpvms database to see if any of the database tables from that list exist in your phpvms system.
  • Finally it creates a new database table (in your phpvms database) and stores information about whether a module is installed or not.
  • Thats all 🙂

Some of my future modules will require to have the CrazyCreatives Module Connector installed, other modules might get additional features that will only become available when the Connector Module is installed.

So it is a good idea to install whether or not you are going to buy a new module at the moment but chances are that some of the older modules will receive updates with some extra features based on which other modules you have installed.


DON’T WORRY IF YOU DON’T SEE ALL YOUR CRAZYCREATIVES MODULES IN THAT LIST. That is perfectly fine the module connector only checks for modules where an interaction with another module makes sense. So not all CrazyCreatives modules will show up in the list.



CC Module Connector v1.00

Current Version: 1.00