Airline Route Map v2

ATTENTION Customers of AirlineMap v1. In order for the module to work with OpenStreetMap i had to rewrite the whole map. While doing this i also took the chance to give it a cleaner design and i have improved a lot of other things like no longer waiting times for the ACARS display toggle as an example. However since i had to write the whole map from scratch again there will be an upgrade price of 14€ (60% discount) for customers of the old version. Unfortunately the shop system cannot automatically give those discounts so if you would like to upgrade i would kindly ask you to drop me a mail at with either your purchase ID or your email adress you have used for purchasing Airline Route Map v1. I will then send you a discount code which you can use for purchasing Airline Route Map v2. If you continue to use Google Maps you will NOT need Airline Route Map v2 and it wont even work at all. This is for OpenStreetMap only!


This module is a realistic Looking Airline Route Map with integrated Live ACARS feature!


  • Now using OpenStreetMap instead of Google Maps
  • All departure airports in your schedules show up as black dot on the map.
  • The hubs will have a bigger sized dot.
  • Hovering over any airport icon shows the airport name and ICAO code.
  • All selected departure and arrival airports have a label with the airport ICAO code next to their location marker and are displayed in the respective boxes on top of the map.
  • Whenever both a Departure and Arrival airport are selected a table will be displayed below the map listing all scheduled flights between these 2 airports. Your pilots can directly go to the flight details page from that list.
  • Whenever a departure airport is clicked all location markers of arrival airports where a route is available in your schedules turn green and green lines are displayed connecting the airports.
  • Once an arrival airport is selected as well  Orange lines will show all scheduled connecting flights from the selected destination airport.
  • The map shows all live flights currently in progress with an icon on the map.
  • The live acars display can be toggled on and off.
  • Hovering over the plane icon shows the flight number, Aircraft ICAO code and Pilot Name.
  • Clicking the airplane icon of a live flight displays a line from the origin to the airplanes current location and another line from the airplanes current location to the destination. In addition the departure and arrival airport icao code and name will be displayed in the origin/destination boxes on top of the map.
  • Users of my Flight Position Tracker Module get the flown track of the aircraft displayed in addition to the other features (see installation instructions).


Refunds: Please note that we can not refund any digital or download products after delivery!

  • Version: 2.0