Non Flown Flights

This module is a extension for phpvms which adds a widget to your frontpage to help new pilots getting started and encourage them to interact with your website.

[box title=”CrazyCreatives Module Connector” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#177db3″]The Non Flown Flights module is able to interact with other CrazyCreatives modules. 

It is therefore RECOMMENDED that you have the free CrazyCreatives Module Connector installed to your phpvms system prior to installing the Non Flown Flights module.

For more information and to download the Module Connector please follow this link![/box]

Product Features:

  • A list of scheduled flights that havent been flown yet (by any pilot)
  • A list of scheduled flights that havent been flown yet by the logged in pilot.
  • A widget for your frontpage or profile page that randomly selects a flight from a pool of flights that can be set in the admin center and displays the logged in pilot a suggestion for his next flight with a booking link.
  • The module can automatically issue premium miles when a Pilot files a PIREP after flying a non flown flight or a suggested flight. (requires CrazyCreatives Premium Miles)

Refunds: Please note that we can not refund any digital or download products after delivery!

  • Version: 1.01