phpVMS Theme – Jetset Basic

Crazycreatives is excited to present the first advanced skin of our new product line – Jetset Basic!


Why do we call it advanced skin? 

The answer is simple – Jetset Basic introduces an amazing new feature that hasnt been seen in phpVMS before!

This is the first ever phpVMS skin which is adjustable from the admin center. You can change the layout, colors, image slider, position of several elements (like the nav menu or sidebar), show hide elements and much more with just a few clicks in the admin center.

Within just a couple of minutes you can create completely different looking sites and the best thing is….you dont need any css knowledge. You want to change for example the header color? Just use the included color picker, select the color of your choice and click Save Settings. Reload your website and view your new header.

The skin is not only perfectly suitable for beginners…. it can also considerably speed up the workflow for experienced users.



  • The first skin that can be completely adjusted from within the admin center.
  • Dropdown Menu Included
  • Simple Jquery Image Slider
  • Add Custom CSS directly from the Admin Center
  • Sidebar can be set to left/right positions with a mouse click in the admin center
  • Sidebar can be visible on fromtpage only, on all pages or can be hidden completely
  • The navigation menu can be set to be displayed above or below the image slider
  • The top bar can be hidden.
  • The width of the site can be adjusted to your liking.
  • The skin allows that many combinations that its impossible to list all of them here….. and all that by just admin center settings!


Note that Jetset Basic is meant to change your site layout (appearence, colors, styles)! It is not a full site with customized subpages….meaning that the content of the site will still be phpVMS standard. It will NOT add any new content, modules or functionality other than what is described above or can be seen on the screenshots!

  • Version: 1.0
  • Requirements: phpVMS v2.x or phpVMS v5.x