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Special VA Site Offer


Special Offer - VA Website

I am offering this custom made full VA Website for immediate purchase. It has been originally ordered by someone but he later decided to abandon the project or at least i couldnt get him to reply to my mails. This skin will be sold to 1 person only, so you will have exclusive rights to use this skin. Obviously i don`t want to have wasted all the time and work spent on this site so I`m ofering it to the first person interested for 600€ inlcuding installation of the site on your server. This means you can have your full and unique VA site immediately and save 100€ as all our unique sites normally cost 700€.


Site Features

  • Fully Customized VA Website with all pages adjusted to the skins styling
  • Custom Pilot Center
  • Our Stats Page Module which is not available in our shop
  • Several Custom Modifications
  • Custom written Javascript/Jquery scripts
  • Custom CSS

The site includes the following modules worth 330€

  • Flight Academy
  • Fleet Pages
  • Flight Connection Search
  • Airline Map
  • Events
  • Charter Ops
  • Crew Test
  • Downloads
  • Advanced Flight Search
  • Live Flights Information
  • Tour Center
  • Staff Admin



The flight briefing uses simbrief.
This means you need to get a free API key from and every pilot must have/create a free account at in order to use the briefing.



DEMO Login Details
Password: testpilot


The site costs 600€ including the before mentioned features and installation on your server.
Drop me a mail to