Aircraft Market

Aircraft Market is a new phpvms expansion which lets your VA buy/sell or lease aircraft and simulates the reduction of the aircraft condition based on several flight factors. Whenever an aircraft falls below a certain (Selectable) condition it will be sent to Maintenance. The Maintenance features of this module also includes several routine Maintenance Checks which are performed automatically once an aircraft reaches a specific amountbof flight hours. You can not only buy new planes, the module also simulates an actual aircraft Market where you can buy or lease planes at a reduced price from predefined imaginary companies. It does not allow one VA to actually lease or sell aircraft to another VA! All Market offers are generated virtually by the Module based on several calculations. To make this module work on all Phpvms versions the module uses its own calculations to get the available money due to limitations of the pre-beta phpvms versions financial system. This means that the default phpVMS functions and the Aircraftmarket Module will show different values. (If you feel the need you can integrate the Aircraftmarket Income and expenses to the default Finances yourself if you have some php and mysql knowledge. The expenses from Maintenance, Leasing & Purchases and Income from aircraft sales are stored in seperate database tables. We didnt include this to not touch any core functions of your phpvms install).

For more Info view the Product Manual


  • Buy/Lease Aircraft (New from Factory or Used at a reduced Price)
  • Sell Aircraft
  • Aircraft condition simulation
  • Aircraft Maintenance simulation (Including routine aircraft Checks)
  • Choose a Maintenance Contractor based on price and Service time
  • Take Loans (to a limited amount in case you run out if money)
  • Easily move all Schedules of a Specific aircraft to another aircraft by just clicking a Button
  • Simulates aircraft production/delivery times (shortened to max 1 Month after purchase)
  • New aircraft will be added to your fleet from Drafts (you only need to enter an aircraft types specification once, several most common Types are already included)


Refunds: Please note that we can not refund any digital or download products after delivery!

  • Version: 1.17
  • Requirements: phpVMS v2.x or phpVMS v5.x