Hub Administration

The Hub Administration module allows your hub staff to do their work without being required to have access to the phpvms admin center. This means no longer all staff needs to have access to all your phpvms addon module settings. The module has all options available that are required for a hub manager to do his job and manage his hub effectively and individual permissions for all the options can be set from within the module. Besides the administrative part the module also includes public hub information pages that can be accessed by your site visitors. For more details please read the features below.

Product Features:

  • Allows Hub Managers to manage their hubs without access to the phpvms admin center.
  • Hub staff can approve or reject new pilot applications,  edit pilot details and issue or take away awards.
  • Hub staff can accept, reject, delete, comment and edit pilot reports (PIREPs).
  • Hub staff can add, delete or edit flight schedules (Only basic schedule management is included, no import/export options because obviously when multiple people upload different schedule files without coordination it could mess up all your airline schedules).
  • All of the above editing permissions can be set to either full VA or hub only (that means a hub manager can either have access to all Pilot, PIREP and Schedule Admin options for the complete VA or only be allowed to view and manage pilots, applications, pireps and schedules for his own hub).
  • Pilots who have FULL_ADMIN access in phpvms will also have all permissions of the hub admin module automatically.
  • Hub staff can send bulk mail to all pilots based at their hub.
  • You can upload or create Staff Documentation which can be accessed by your staff from within the module (like Scheduling Guides, Flight Numbering Policy, or whatever).
  • Staff can edit the content of the public hub information page from within the module.
  • Admins can set limits for airlines and aircraft types that are available to hub staff when creating new flights as well as set up a flight number range which may be used for the flights. (This is a per hub setting so each hub can have different airlines, aircraft and flight numbers availabke to them when creating flights).
  • Stuff that could mess up your VA like the option to Delete Pilots completely, Change Pilot IDs and Import Schedules have intentionally NOT been included in the module  to leave this for full admins. However those are easy to implement so if someone wants his hub staff to be able to perform any of those actions just ask in the forum and I`ll help you adding it.


Refunds: Please note that we can not refund any digital or download products after delivery!

  • Version: 1.10
  • Requirements: phpVMS v2.x or phpVMS v5.x