Automatic Flight Assignments

Product Features:

  • Fully automatic flight assignments on selected intervals using a Cron Job
  • Manually assign flights to pilots
  • Assignment Settings can be fully controlled from the admin center
  • Optionally you can allow pilots to adjust their settings individually (To allow pilots to select their prefered aircraft, airline, interval,… the “Assigned Mode” setting needs to be set to Pilot Controlled in the admin center)
  • Pilots receive a notification email with a list of their assigned flights whenever new assignments have been created. (Can be turned of completely in the Admin Center or else you can give the pilots the option to turn off notification emails individually)
  • The system assigns flights in correct order meaning if you arrive in EDDF at 17:00z the next departure from EDDF will be after 17:40z. (If the next departure time is BEFORE the last flights arrival time it means the flight departs on the next day….however this should only be the case if no suitable flight was found for the current day). The module does not select just random flights it looks into several factors like the day of week and departure/arrival times to select correct itineraries. Each flight will depart from the last flights arrival airport and all itineraries end at their starting airport. This can either be set to be always the pilot`s hub or you can let the pilot select his preffered departure airport himself.
  • Night stops are possible. For example if a flight arrives on tuesday evening and the return flight departs at 6:00z on wednesday the module is capable of considering those flights for planning.
  • The module will only generate flights for active pilots. Once a pilot is inactive it will no longer generate any flights for this pilot and he will not receive an notification emails from the module anymore.


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  • Version: 1.4
  • Requirements: phpVMS v2.x or phpVMS v5.x