Random Job Creator

This module requires that you set up a cron job as instructed in the install document in order to run properly!

After our previously released Cargo Ops and Charter Ops modules this Random Jobs module here is targeted specifically at VFR and Executive Flying but due to the way this module works it is perfectly suitable for any kind of operations.

This module creates random flights (“jobs”) between 2 airports which expire within a predefined amount of minutes if not booked by a pilot. New jobs will be generated every couple of minutes making the variety of available flights for your pilots to book greater than ever before. In the admin panel you are required to create some job templates which will be randomly selected by the system in job creation. On example would be

“Hey guys we have got a couple of passengers over here in DEP AIRPORT. They need a quick hop to ARRIVAL AIRPORT before EXPIRATIONTIME. Could you come over to the airport and pick them up please.”

This system is meant to simulate actual people coming over to your airline’s office and asking for a flight either for themselfes or to deliver some cargo.

Note that on job creation no aircraft is assigned to the flight. Instead the pilot will be able to pick his prefered aircraft when he books the flight. You can either let him choose from all aircraft in your fleet or set up a seperate fleet for the module operation. You can also decide if aircraft rank restrictions should be enforced or not.

Initially the module will not create return flights. Instead in the admin center you have the option to enable a job request box for the pilots. If this function is active the pilot can report that he has completed his job and is ready to take a new flight from the location he selects. The next time the module generates jobs it will give preference to create jobs from the requested departure location. So the flights wont show up immediately after the request but the pilot will need to wait a couple of minutes until new jobs are generated… The duration depends on your settings in the admin panel and the cron job interval.

The pilot can either wait on the jobs page to see when flights from his requested location become available or alternatively can select to be notified via email once a job from that location has been created.

Its really up to you what you make of it….be it a seperate VFR division, Executive flights, use it for custom Cargo flights or like i have done in my new VA base the whole flight operation solely on this module (yeah its a small VA i`m launching similar to Era (Ravn) Alaska 😉

As always have fun and enjoy this great new module.

Refunds: Please note that we can not refund any digital or download products after delivery!

  • Version: 1.1
  • Requirements: phpVMS v2.x or phpVMS v5.x