This module shows various statistics about your VA on a statistics page and includes also a top pilots feature. For a detailed list please continue reading.

[box title=”CrazyCreatives Module Connector” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#177db3″]The statistics module is able to interact with other CrazyCreatives modules. 

It is therefore RECOMMENDED that you have the free CrazyCreatives Module Connector installed to your phpvms system prior to installing the Statistics module.

For more information and to download the Module Connector please follow this link![/box]

The following list of statistics can be displayed by the module

Alltime VA Statistics:


Monthly Flight Statistics:

  • Total PIREPS (by month).
  • Total VA flight hours (by month).
  • Total VA passengers carried (by month).
  • Total VA fuel used (by month).
  • Total VA miles flown (by month).
  • Best landing rate (by month).
  • Average landing rate (by month).
  • Top 10 Destinations (by month).
  • Top 10 most flown VA routes (by month).
  • Top 10 most used Aircraft (by month).
  • Top ACARS clients used (by month).
  • Amount of Charter PIREPs (by month) (requires CrazyCreatives CharterOps)
  • Amount of Cargo PIREPs (by month) (requires CrazyCreatives CargoOps)


Top Pilots (both alltime and monthly):


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  • Version: 1.03