Tour Center

This is the newest Tour Center on the market and also the one with the most features.
Easily create Tours for your pilots and enjoy our several options to restrict signups (see features below).


  • Limit Tour Signups by max Number of pilots who can attend
  • Limit Tours by Rank
  • You can limit the days a pilot has to complete the tour after he has signed up
  • You have the option to limit signups so that a pilot can only sign up for the tour if he has completed other specified Tours first.
  • Auto Issue Award when Tour is completed
  • Create Tour Schedules Easily
  • Allow different aircraft types which the pilot can book
  • Create Tours that automatically close at an specified tour end date so that no further signups can be made
  • Pilots can follow their progrress on the tour map
  • and more….

Refunds: Please note that we can not refund any digital or download products after delivery!

  • Version: 1.11
  • Requirements: phpVMS v2.x or phpVMS v5.x