Charter Ops Extended

If you enjoy my CargoOps Module you will definately love CHARTER OPS EXTENDED which besides the automatic flight creation also lets your pilots create charter flights themselfes. Pilot created flights now also benefit from the advanced calculations of the auto flight generation system which means all flights have a price, flighttime plus all other schedule fields filled.

The module can be easily managed in the admin center where you have the option to disable pilots from creating flights or turn off the auto flight system if you prefer to use itas basic charter center module only.

For the automatic created charters you have several options. for example you can limit flights to specific countries of your choice, limit departures to the homebase of the aircraft or just let the system create flights around the globe from/to any airport in the world (of course within the range of the aircraft and with suitable runway lengths). All automatic created flights have 2 legs where the second leg (return leg) brings the aircraft back to it’s origin.

  • Automatic Charter Flight Creation
  • Saisonal Flights (which are available for a few weeks only)
  • Pilots can create Charters
  • Fully manageable from the admin center
  • Includes a database of over 40000 airports!
  • The greatest flight variety for your pilots eversince!
  • mony more features


Refunds: Please note that we can not refund any digital or download products after delivery!

  • Version: 1.11
  • Requirements: phpVMS v2.x or phpVMS v5.x