Advanced Flight Search

Advanced Flight Search is the most flexible schedule search addon for phpVMS currently available on the market.
With its several options to limit search queries which can be combined to your liking this module let’s you set up your airline operations in many different ways.
Easy like never before you can comfortably manage your search options from within the admin center.

Search Modes:
The Module has 2 search modes.

  • Mode 1 will return ALL scheduled flights matching the pilot’s query. This allows the pilots to see all flights in your schedules. however the Add to Bid button is only available for flights which meet the limits set in the admin panel.
  • Mode 2 will show only flights which are available for booking by the pilot according to the limits set in the admin panel.

The Jumpseat option allows your pilots to transfer themselfes to a different airport.
Pilots can be eother transfered immediately or you can set a time in minutes per 20NM distance between their current location and the selected new location.
If you select this option a trip time for their transfer will be automatically calculated and your pilots will have to wait until they have arrived at their new location before making a new bid.
The pilots will have to pay for their jumpseat ticket. you can set the price in the admin panel.
Pilots and Aircraft can also be immediately transfered to a different location from the admin center at no cost.

Search Limits:

The Module lets you set up the following options for schedule queries. Each of them can be turned on or off. All of them can be combined with eachother.

  • Force Pilots to wait a certain amount of time between making 2 bids
  • Each Flight can only be booked by 1 pilot at the same time
  • A pilot can only book 1 flight at a time. He needs to remove the bid or file a pirep before he can book another flight.
  • Each flight can only be flown once per day. After a pilot sends a PIREP that flight will be unavailable for booking by other pilots until the next day.
  • Pilots can only book flights FROM/TO their assigned hub.
  • Pilots can only book flight from their current location.
  • The aircraft mist available on the selected departure airport.
  • Limit schedule results to the flights assigned weekday.
  • Pilots must meet the aircraft’s rank limit.
  • Limit to specific flight types (for example to exclude Charters).
  • Limit search results to specific airlines only.

The module also lets pilots save their search preferences.

Refunds: Please note that we can not refund any digital or download products after delivery!

  • Version: 1.13
  • Requirements: phpVMS v2.x or phpVMS v5.x