This module finally keeps your pilots up to date in realtime on what is going on at your virtual airline by displaying notifications for various different activities. 

[box title=”CrazyCreatives Module Connector” style=”bubbles” box_color=”#177db3″]The notifications module is able to interact with other CrazyCreatives modules. It can read activity from several of my other modules and send notifications about them. 

It is therefore REQUIRED that you have the free CrazyCreatives Module Connector installed to your phpvms system prior to installing the Notifications module.

For more information and to download the Module Connector please follow this link![/box]


At the moment module is capable of sending notifications about the following activities. Every notification option can be independently enabled or disabled.

Default phpVMS system Notifications:

  • New Pilot registration.
  • New PIREP filed.
  • A flight gets booked by a pilot.
  • A new flight has been added to your schedules.
  • A new award has been added to your system and is ready to be earned by your pilots.
  • An award has been issued to a pilot.
  • A pilot has reached the next higher rank.
  • A custom notification which can be sent from the module options page in the admin center to either all pilots or just a specific pilot.


The following options are only available if you have the respective CrazyCreatives module also installed on the same VA site!

CrazyCreatives Modules Notifications:

Additional notifications might get added in the future depending on the release of modules with functions where a notification makes sense.

Most of the notifications can be clicked when hovering over them with the mouse and will directly bring you to the activity the notification is about.


Refunds: Please note that we can not refund any digital or download products after delivery!

  • Version: 1.06